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MARVO Bluetooth earphone, Stereo Hands Free

MARVO Bluetooth earphone, Stereo Hands Free

This is a professional Bluetooth earphone. Peoples love them and they think this will make a fantastic gift as this Bluetooth earphone will make a duo of high-quality and the thick and stable casing quality. You must have purchased several Bluetooth earphones online but they have some a flimsy packaging but this Bluetooth earphone one is exceptional.

The Bluetooth earphone is not too big or not too small. Most love the green one and because the Bluetooth earphone, it's clean to spot. The ear buds are a great match for everyone. It has some more buds of distinctive size so that it can fit into anyones ear. People love the way this Bluetooth earphone live in while they jog and even in sweat they do not slip out of my ear.

This Bluetooth earphone is simple to connect with the cellphones Bluetooth. It comes with commands but the quick way to connect is to hold the middle button and have your cellphone will look for Bluetooth pairing and it routinely connects. The Bluetooth earphone also have a mic so that whenever you are outside and doing workout, you can receive the call and talk. The talk time is kind of 8 hours. This Bluetooth earphone will run from one and half hours to two hours a day and no need to recharge. The sound is good and akin to different from Smartphone.


  1. This Bluetooth earphone is light in weight.
  2.     Its comfortable to wear with its silicon ear hooks.
  3.   The Bluetooth earphone is sweat-proof and waterproof even in light rain jogging.
  4.   A wireless Bluetooth hand free earphone.
  5.    It will not slip away from your ear even if you are jogging.
  6.    This wireless Bluetooth earphone can run up to 8hours of continuous music play and has the balanced bass and natural treble.
  7.  The Bluetooth earphone has the Bluetooth range of about 4.1 with ultra-low power consumption, seamless syncing with your favorite wireless devices.
  8.   Bluetooth earphone has the added options of to skip/play/pause and many more without need of to reach up to cellphone.

Bluetooth 4.1

Bluetooth earphone has the wireless Bluetooth technology so that you can enjoy the exercise or the training session just by placing your cellphone aside. It has the latest version of the Bluetooth range which is of Bluetooth 4.1. This has brought the Bluetooth earphone in a new level of energy efficiency. This will also let you to have listen to the music up to 8hours with just a single charge and can reconnect automatically.

Indoors and outdoors Bluetooth earphone

This Bluetooth earphone has been design to withstand sweat of exercise even in light rain. It also has the moisture-repelling surface coating and waterproof Bluetooth earphone. This Bluetooth earphone is designed in such way so that it can ensure to stay dry all time and to make you to use it freely. With this hands-free Bluetooth earphone, you will able to do the workouts without any hassle.

Pure sound

The Bluetooth earphone also has the added aptx with which you will have pure sound every time you listen to music. This aptx codec supports and paired with devices and this Bluetooth earphone delivers the CD-quality sound. And this is full of wired audio quality headphone so that you can get the uncompromised music with natural sound.


This Bluetooth earphone is a demanded earphone which will not make your hope to down level and will satisfy you in all way. The reviews on this Bluetooth earphone is awesome and people are in love with the features of this Bluetooth earphone with its updated notions and version. People are also in love with its price as they are getting lot more with less price.